Who we are

Hygeia is a Comprehensive Care Center that since June 2006 has positioned itself as an unquestionable and specialized leader in the areas of physical therapy, rehabilitation and comprehensive medical care, keeping a high degree of satisfaction in our clients, due to the benefits obtained in their health. We assist people requiring physical therapy and rehabilitation services. We have performed an excellent combination of medical aspects, physical therapy and esthetic treatments to provide improvement in health, wellbeing and comfort.

We are located in Cartago and offer service to clients nationwide that visit us to receive our care.


In Hygeia Life Improvement, we provide you the best comprehensive and personalized care in terms of general practice, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our staff is highly competent; they are members of the Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica, and they participate in periodic training programs. This allows us to assess and provide specific therapy options according to your health needs. You may also obtain complementary services such as weight loss programs, facial and body esthetics, anti-stress treatments, supervised by physicians, therapists and nutritionists.

We offer customer service to the staff of enterprises and organized groups, such as associations or other,  with the option of promoting agreements that benefit all, such as health fairs, educational activities and medical and/or physical therapy services for enterprises.


Quality and service have been the main concern for Hygeia, Life Improvement. For those who seek excellent attention, exceptional humane treatment and improvement in health, we have selected leading edge technology equipment that meets national and international standards. We also have highly skilled and trained staff, selected to satisfy the need of assessment and comprehensive care of clients.