Physical Therapy

      Physical Therapy Hygeia or Hygeia Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center in Cartago specializes in all aspects related to the adequate treatment during your rehabilitation process through physical therapy applied by a highly skilled group of professionals. Bear in mind that Physical Therapy is “The Science of Movement Applied to Rehabilitation”

We provide treatments for:

      • Muscle pains
      • Joint pains
      • Rehabilitation care prior to and after orthopedic surgery
      • Lower back pain
      • Shoulder pain
      • Rotator cuff injuries
      • Knee and hip injuries
      • Patients with joint replacements
      • Patients with infantile cerebral palsy
      • Patients with sequels of cardio vascular accident or stroke
      • Treatment of patients after suffering from myocardial infarction
      • Prevention and control of some risk factors that favor myocardial infarction
      • Overall  physical fitness,

among others.


Fitness Programs

    • Fitness once a week
    • Fitness twice a week
    • Fitness three times a week
    • Fitness four times a week